Religion News Australia 2012 - 11 (March 30 - April 12)

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Religion News Australia

March 30 - April 12, 2014

Religion news stories from Australia

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Salvos promoted abuser who confessed (Brisbane Times)

Apr 2 - The Salvation Army moved and promoted an officer who confessed to abusing an eight-year-old girl, an inquiry has been told.


Catholic Church to revisit compensation caps for abuse victims (ABC News)

Apr 4 - The Catholic Church says it will revisit compensation arrangements under the Melbourne Response with a view to either increasing or removing the current cap of $75,000.


Salvos boosted confessed abuser (The Australian)

Apr 8 - THE international general of the Salvation Army promoted a self-confessed child abuser to a senior rank within the church, despite a church commander in Sydney arguing against the appointment, the royal commission has heard.


Police probe leak of Yeshivah school sex abuse complaint (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 10 - Police are investigating how a confidential complaint about sex abuse cover-ups at a prominent Melbourne Jewish college was obtained by senior figures associated with the school, resulting in the exposure of the author's identity.





Mock Christians, get laughs, mock Muslims, get bullets (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 4 – (Opinion: Sam de Brito) A young man mocks Christians on stage on national television he gets laughs.


Barbarity of Aztec culture on show in Museum Victoria exhibition (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 9 - Just in time for the Easter school holidays comes an orgy of dismembered gods, sacrificial offerings of children and masks made from human bone.


Noah, the IPCC report and why we're not having a sensible debate about climate change (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 10 - The release of Darren Aronofsky’s film Noah coincided with the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report.


Less religion, more spirituality (The Australian)

Apr 12 – (Opinion: Ruth Ostrow) I HAVE apparently offended people unknowingly with my recent video and interview series on the inner lives of our business leaders: Total Success, which can still be found online.





Catholics victims of ‘new racism’ (The Australian)

Apr 12 - FORMER High Court judge Dyson Heydon has warned of a dangerous revival of sectarianism in Australia, saying anti-­Catholicism has become “the racism of the intellectuals”.







Pope Francis asks for forgiveness for child sex abuse by priests, says sanctions 'must be imposed' (ABC News)

Apr 12 - Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for child sex abuse carried out by priests.


Catholic Church


Queen Elizabeth, Pope Francis meet in Rome in push to improve Catholic, Anglican church relations (ABC News)

Apr 4 - The Queen has met Pope Francis for the first time during a one-day visit to Rome.


Vatican hires hawk to protect Pope's doves (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 10 - Vatican City: An intrepid hawk has been taken on by the Vatican to protect the Pope's doves after two were killed in front of horrified crowds by a crow and a seagull, according to a Catholic weekly.




UN 'deeply concerned' by Myanmar's Rohingya census ban (ABC News)

Apr 2 - The UN agency tasked with facilitating Myanmar's first census in decades says it's "deeply concerned" over a government decision to bar Muslims from identifying as Rohingya.


Couple sentenced to death for 'blasphemous' text message in Pakistan (ABC News)

Apr 6 - A Christian couple in eastern Pakistan has been sentenced to death for allegedly sending a text message insulting the Prophet Mohammed.


France's far right to ban Muslim school lunch options (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 6 - Paris: Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen said the party would prevent schools from offering special lunches to Muslim pupils in the 11 towns it won in local elections, saying such arrangements were contrary to France's secular values.


Islam-critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali refused US university honour (Sydney Morning Herald)  

Apr 10 - Boston: A private university outside Boston has decided not to award an honorary degree to a Somali-born women's rights activist who has branded Islam violent and "a nihilistic cult of death."


Ottomania as Turkey drifts away from secularism (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 12 - With its opulent palace life, heroic storyline and beautiful lead actors, the Turkish drama set in the court of Sultan Suleyman, Magnificent Century, should have represented the artistic pinnacle of the phenomena known Ottomania.


Religious Violence


Thailand's deep south rocked by bomb attacks (ABC News)

Apr 9 - Thailand's deep south has been rocked by a string of bomb attacks and brutal killings of Thai Buddhist women.


UN peacekeepers authorised for Central African Republic (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 12 - Los Angeles: The UN Security Council has unanimously authorised a nearly 12,000-member peacekeeping force for the Central African Republic, where fighting between Christians and Muslims has been raging for months.




The 8-year-old exorcist saving Brazil’s slums (

Apr 2 - THIS eight-year-old girl is apparently God’s gift.


Starbucks sorry after woman served drinks with ‘Satanic’ star and ‘666’ (

Apr 2 - STARBUCKS has apologised for serving a woman two beverages drizzled with a Satanic star and a ‘666’.


University of Leicester physics students says Noah’s Ark would have floated  (

Apr 4 - NOAH’S Ark would have floated — even with two of every animal on board, physicists have determined based on the weight of the beasts and the buoyancy of the boat.


The evil that lurks in Lego (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 6 – (Opinion: Warwick McFadyen) Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


Indian voters should not be focusing on religion: Former BJP minister (ABC News)

Apr 9 - Former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) cabinet minister, Suresh Prabhu says Indian voters should be concerned with issues such as corruption and the slowing economy, rather than religion.


French priest charged with rape, torture (Sydney Morning Herald)  

Apr 11 - Versailles, France: A priest in an ultra-conservative Catholic sect has been charged with rape and torture for acts allegedly committed during exorcisms involving three school teachers.


Vatican: Russell Crowe’s Noah film is “without God” (The Courier-Mail, Brisbane)

Apr 11 - LAST month, Russell Crowe lobbied all and sundry at the Vatican (including the Pope) to get an endorsement for his controversial film, Noah, but according to the Vatican’s official newspaper, Avvenire, it seems he won’t be getting one any time soon.


Ministers' man who took God into court (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 11 - Edwin F. Kagin, the son of one minister and father of another, saw religiosity creeping into the public domain and fought against it in a dual role as head lawyer and jester-provocateur for one of America’s most militant atheist organisations.


Papyrus piece about Jesus’s wife ‘no forgery’ (The Australian)

Apr 12 - AN ancient piece of papyrus that contains a mention of Jesus’s wife is not a forgery, according to a scientific analysis of the controversial text, US researchers said yesterday.





Cleric who 'married' 12-year-old believed he had done nothing wrong (Sydney Morning Herald)  

Apr 2 - A Muslim cleric living in Australia on a religious visa believed he didn't do anything wrong by "marrying" a 12-year-old girl to a 26-year-old man because the union was never officially registered.


Anti-Islamic shooting victim Nathan Abela has string of detractors (Sydney Morning Herald)  

Apr 4 - He's offended countless Muslims, been described as a "grub" on Sydney radio and been in court over a domestic dispute, and that's just in the past fortnight.


Bendigo Bank stands by decision to close account of anti-mosque group (ABC News)

Apr 8 - A bank is standing by its decision to close the account of a protest group which is fighting plans to build a mosque in the Victorian city of Bendigo.






Bob Carr's texts to Gillard reveal 'extraordinary' influence pro-Israel lobby had on former PM (Sydney Morning Herald)  

Apr 10 - Bob Carr has published private text messages between himself and Julia Gillard to reveal the “extraordinary” level of influence the pro-Israel lobby had on the former prime minister’s office.


Also: Jewish leaders hit back at Bob Carr (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 10 - Pro-Israel leaders have dismissed Bob Carr’s claims they wielded “extraordinary influence” over prime minister Julia Gillard as “scurrilous gossip” and a “figment of his imagination”.





Parishioners may abandon church if controversial mosque project goes ahead next door (ABC News)

Apr 1 - Members of an Assyrian Catholic church at Coolaroo, north of Melbourne, have threatened to abandon the church if a proposed mosque project proceeds on land next door.


Evangelical Church one step closer to moving into Orange's Australia Cinema (ABC News)

Apr 2 - Orange City Council has given the Evangelical Church approval to renovate and move into the Australia Cinema building in Lords Place.


VCAT unable to rule on church discrimination claim (ABC News)

Apr 7 - The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) says it cannot make a ruling on a discrimination case involving a woman denied membership of a Greek church committee in Mildura.


Director of foster care group forced to quit over offensive blog post (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 7 - A director of the state's foster care association has been forced to resign after members expressed concern that an offensive blog post she had written would hurt a push for more gay and Muslim carers.


Dromana’s weeping mystery returns as St Mary MacKillop picture produces oil droplets (Herald-Sun, Melbourne)

Apr 8 - THE owner of a religious picture hanging in her peninsula home says it is weeping tiny drops of oil.


St Kilda church leader protests asylum seeker policy with Easter crucifix installation (Herald-Sun, Melbourne)

Apr 10 - AN EASTER sculpture with a confronting political message is on display at the Uniting Church’s St Kilda Parish Mission.


Detectives set to charge man with robbing and setting fire to St Barnabas's Church in Bathurst (ABC News)

Apr 11 - Police say there will be further arrests over the arson of an historic church at Bathurst in the state's Central West.


Debate over existence of ghosts at St Bartholomew’s Church and graveyard in Prospect (Daily Telegraph, Sydney)

Apr 11 - IF YOU feel a cold shiver down your spine at St Bartholomew’s Church in Prospect, a ghost may be in your presence according to a local psychic.


Cash stolen from a pastor’s office at a Clayton Church where ‘everyone is welcome’ (Herald-Sun, Melbourne)

Apr 11 - HUNDREDS of dollars was allegedly stolen from a church last weekend by a “cowardly” thief.


Church's sights low on high-potential triangle (The Age, Melbourne)

Apr 12 - The Eighth Day Baptist Church is the latest religious organisation to play developer, seeking to replace one of the inner city's last undeveloped corners with a mixed-use project that will include 77 apartments it will sell for profit.










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