Religion News Australia 2015 - 43 (Nov 15 - 22)

  (22 November 15)
  by Greg Spearritt

Religion News Australia

November 15 - 22, 2015

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Former priest Raymond Sydney Cheek denies indecently assaulting boy in WA's South West (ABC News)
Nov 19 - A former West Australian Anglican priest has pleaded not guilty to indecently assaulting a teenage boy 30 years ago.

Newcastle MP urges Royal Commission to 'shine light' on disturbing allegations  (ABC News)
Nov 20 - There has been shock and disbelief in the wake of an ABC investigation that has revealed alleged Anglican clergy abuse had links to powerful sectors of the Hunter's community.



Artist Bill Flowers questions nature of snakes and blasphemy (ABC News)
Nov 20 - The work of Bill Flowers is often unsettling for those who are afraid of snakes and his latest exhibition might also be unsettling for some Christians.



Embattled former Islamic College of SA chairman discontinues trial against “unfair” sacking (Adelaide Now)
Nov 17 - SACKED Islamic College of SA chairman Farouk Khan has withdrawn legal action over his dismissal but now wants the body that removed him to pay his costs.



Catholic Church

Pope Francis works on children's book (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 19 - Titled Dear Pope Francis: The Pope Answers Letters from Children Around the World, the book consists of the pontiff"s personal responses to 30 hand-written letters and drawings from children ages six to 13.

Five people charged by the Vatican over damning leaks scandal, reports say (ABC News)
Nov 22 - Five people have been charged by the Vatican over a damning leaks scandal at the heart of the Catholic Church, accusing the alleged ringleaders of forming a "brotherhood of crime".


‘Muslims must do more’ (The Australian)
Nov 17 - Adam Creighton President Obama has criticised Muslims for not doing enough to stamp out extremism in their communities.

Young US boy receives surprise thank you gift after donating to vandalised mosque (ABC News)
Nov 21 - When seven-year-old Texas boy Jack Swanson donated his savings to assist in the clean-up of a local mosque that had been vandalised, he did not expect anything in return.

'Beyond terrifying': Muslim Americans shocked by Trump and Carson quotes (The Guardian, Australia)
Nov 21 - Prominent Muslim Americans have reacted with anger and dismay to the incendiary remarks of Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race who called for a database of all Muslims in the country to be set up, in order to track their movements.

Religious Violence

Istanbul terror plot foiled on same day as Paris attacks: Turkish official (ABC News)
Nov 16 - Turkish authorities foiled a plot to stage a "major" terrorist attack in Istanbul on the same day as the deadly gun and suicide attacks in Paris, a senior official said on Sunday.

Islamic State must be defeated, not contained, Hillary Clinton tells Democratic debate (ABC News)
Nov 16 - White House hopeful Hillary Clinton used a Democratic presidential debate to call for global unity to crush Islamic State following the carnage in Paris.

ISIS butcher is ‘evaporated’ (The Australian)
Nov 16 - Six weeks of global planning have culminated in the killing of Jihadi John and reactions are mixed.

New Islamic State video threatens a Paris-style attack on Washington (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 17 - Beirut: As the world comes to grips with the idea that Islamic State is determined to expand its reach well beyond Iraq and Syria, the terrorist group reportedly released a new video warning that the United States' capital was now in its sights.

Strikes on Islamic State 'capital' lead to more questions than results (Brisbane Times)
Nov 18 - Beirut: First France and then Russia answered Islamic State attacks on their citizens with a strategy of direct reprisal: intensified airstrike campaigns on Raqqa, the militants' de facto capital in Syria.

Islamic State says 'soft drink bomb' used to bring down Sinai plane (ABC News)
Nov 19 - Islamic State's official magazine has published a photo of a drink it said was used to make an improvised bomb that brought down a Russian airliner over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula last month, killing all 224 people on board.

Assailants in Bangladesh attack Catholic missionary (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 19 - Dhaka:  Unidentified assailants have shot and wounded an Italian missionary working in northern Bangladesh, in the third attack on foreigners there since late September.

Islamic State hostage killing: China vows justice after confirming death (The Guardian, Australia)
Nov 19 - China has confirmed the murder of a Chinese hostage by Islamic State in Syria and promised to “bring to justice” those responsible.

Young female suicide bombers kill 15 in Nigeria market attack (The Guardian, Australia)
Nov 19 - At least 15 people have been killed after two female suicide bombers, one said to be aged as young as 11, blew themselves up at a busy mobile phone market in north-east Nigeria, a day after more than 30 were killed in a bomb blast.

Isis publishes photos of two murdered hostages as airstrikes intensify (The Guardian, Australia)
Nov 19 - The Norwegian prime minister has said it had no reason to doubt that Isis had murdered one of its citizens held hostage in Syria, as the terrorist group dug into its de facto capital of Raqqa as French, Russian and US airstrikes intensify.

Al-Murabitoun: Who are the terrorist group claiming responsibility for Mali hotel attack? (ABC News)
Nov 21 - African Jihadist group Al-Murabitoun has claimed responsibility for an attack in Mali's capital Bamako, in which more than 100 hostages were held by gunmen at a luxury hotel.

Also: Mali terrorist attack: Scores dead after Islamist gunmen storm Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 21 - Islamist gunmen stormed the Radisson Blu Hotel on Friday in Bamako, the capital of the West African nation of Mali, seizing scores of hostages and leaving bodies strewn across parts of the building.

Life inside the so-called Islamic State (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 21 - In Raqqa, the besieged capital of Islamic State's self-proclaimed caliphate, the fear of being bombed, of being arrested or executed, are compounded by the indignities of daily life.

‘She clapped as Twin Towers fell’ (The Australian)
Nov 21 - John Simpson Aged just 11, Hasna Aitboulahcen shocked her foster mother as she clapped in front of the television while the Twin Towers fell.

World leaders unite to fight Islamic State (The Australian)
Nov 21 - The UN Security Council has authorised countries to “take all necessary measures” to fight the Islamic State group in a resolution that won unanimous backing a week after the Paris attacks.

Belgium upgrades terror alert to highest level over risk of 'weapons and explosives' attacks (ABC News)
Nov 22 - Belgium's decision to upgrade its terror alert to the highest level is linked to a risk of attacks by "weapons and explosives", the country's prime minister says.

Can Islamic State terrorists be defeated? (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 22 - What will victory over Islamic State look like? How will we know when the terrorists are finally defeated?

Religious Violence – Paris attacks

Manhunt launched for eighth terrorist; police detain relatives of gunman as probe widens (ABC News)
Nov 16 - An international manhunt has been launched for 26-year-old Belgium-born Abdeslam Salah, believed to be the eighth attacker involved in terrorist attacks that killed 129 people in Paris.

Paris terror attacks: Second terrorist named as Ahmed Almuhamed (
Nov 16 - AS France retaliates with 20 bombs dropped over Islamic State’s strongholds in Syria, it’s emerged French police let one of the suspects slip through their fingers hours after the attacks.

Obama, Putin find common ground on Syria after Paris attacks as leaders vow greater unity (ABC News)
Nov 16 - The presidents of the United States and Russia have agreed on a United Nations role to end the bloodshed in Syria, as the Paris attacks jolted G20 leaders into seeking a united front against Islamic State jihadists.

France drops 20 bombs on Islamic State's Syria stronghold Raqqa (ABC News)
Nov 16 - France has conducted air strikes on the Islamic State-held Syrian city of Raqqa, the French defence ministry said.

Paris attacks: Manhunt under way as brothers identified as suspects (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 16 - Paris: An international manhunt is under way for one of the men believed to have been involved in the Paris terrorist attacks in which at least 129 died.

A death cult has declared war on the West (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 16 – (Opinion: Janet Daley) Whatever this is, it is not a clash of civilisations.

Paris attacks: how Brussels has become a jihadi hotbed (The Australian)
Nov 16 - Prosecutors have disclosed a growing Belgian connection to the Paris attacks as Premier Charles Michel conceded that a Brussels neighbourhood is a “gigantic problem” given its past links to international terrorism.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud named as suspected mastermind behind terror attacks in French capital (ABC News)
Nov 17 - French investigators say they are hunting a 27-year-old Belgian man suspected of being the mastermind behind Friday night's attacks in Paris.

Paris attackers most likely backed and trained by Islamic State in Iraq or Syria, says security expert (ABC News)
Nov 17 - A security expert says it is "extremely unlikely" that the eight men who carried out the Paris attacks could have done so without military training in Iraq or Syria.

Anonymous declares ‘war’ on ISIS, vows cyberattacks following Paris attacks (
Nov 17 - FRENCH hackers from the activist group Anonymous have declared “war” on Islamic State after the Paris attacks.

Also: The ‘other’ hacking groups working to bring down Islamic State (
Nov 18 - ANONYMOUS might be gaining support for launching cyber-attacks against Islamic State, but it not the first collective of hackers to have the terrorist organisation in its cross hairs.

Suicide bomber among two dead in raid targeting terror plot mastermind, police say (ABC News)
Nov 19 - A woman blew herself up and a suspected jihadist was killed during a major police assault in Paris targeting the possible mastermind of last week's attacks.

Hasna Aitboulahcen’s deadly change from party girl to Europe’s first female suicide bomber (Herald-Sun, Melbourne)
Nov 21 - A COWGIRL hat was her playful accessory.

Police raid halts terror unit that was 'ready to strike' again, says prosecutor (ABC News)
Nov 19 - Police raids in Saint-Denis eliminated a "terrorist team planning new attacks", chief Paris prosecutor Francois Molins told a media conference in the French capital.

Charlie Hebdo on Paris attacks: 'They have weapons. F--- them. We have champagne!' (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 19 - When extremists affiliated with al-Qaeda stormed the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in January, not many outside of France were familiar with the publication.

Gunfire, explosions rock Saint-Denis as police target apartment linked to Abdelhamid Abaaoud (Brisbane Times)
Nov 19 - Paris: Gunfire and explosions have shattered Paris' fragile peace, and at least two people have died in a pre-dawn police raid targeting the alleged mastermind of last Friday's terror attack.

Paris attacks: column in IS magazine warns of 9/11-scale attack to come (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 19 - The latest edition of Islamic State's English-language magazine Dabiq has seen the return of the byline of British journalist John Cantlie, taken hostage by the militant group in Syria three years ago this month.

Jewish teacher stabbed in Marseille street by trio praising Islamic State (The Guardian, Australia)
Nov 19 - A teacher at a Jewish school in the French city of Marseille was harassed in the street and then stabbed on Wednesday night by three people professing support for Islamic State, prosecutors said.

Telegram messaging app will block Islamic State broadcasts (The Guardian, Australia)
Nov 19 - Telegram, a mobile messaging service that has been adopted as a promotional and recruitment platform by Islamic State, said it was taking action to block the channels being used by the group.

‘This is for Paris’: Pilots show solidarity with Paris as Russia launches air raids against IS (
Nov 21 - AT least 36 people were killed on Friday in air strikes by Russian and Syrian jets on Islamic State-controlled Deir Ezzor province, a monitor said, describing them as the heaviest in the region since the start of the war.


Mass resignations from Mormon church to protest same-sex policy (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 16 - Austin: About 1500 Latter-day Saints have submitted letters of resignation from the Mormon Church to protest a new policy barring children of married same-sex couples from being baptised until they are adults, movement organisers said on Sunday.

Spaghetti Monster church member wins right to wear colander in US licence photo (ABC News)
Nov 19 - An American woman who identifies as a member of a parody religion has won the right to wear a colander in her driver's licence photo.



The victimology myth about Muslims in Australia sells the country short (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 16 – (Opinion: Paul Sheehan)  Australia has a remarkably good record of racial tolerance for a nation of almost 24 million with an ethnically diverse population.

Tactics not working: Grand Mufti (The Australian)
Nov 16 - George Brandis warns against alienating Islamic communities as Grand Mufti says strategies to combat terrorism are failing.

Islamic Council of Victoria works with prisoner, terror suspects, to combat radical views (ABC News)
Nov 16 - The Islamic Council of Victoria has sent religious advisers to work with a prisoner charged with fighting for Islamic State in Syria, saying he "obviously misjudged and misinterpreted" Islam.

The Project's Waleed Aly praised for unity message in the wake of Paris attacks (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 17 - The Project's Waleed Aly has launched an impassioned plea for unity following the Paris terror attacks, saying that divisive actions of hate will serve only to help Islamic State.

Q&A recap: Panellist Andrew MacLeod offers wisdom following Paris attacks (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 17 - Every now and then when television news is in round-the-clock crisis-coverage mode - and inevitably finds the stupid and the speculative expanding to fill the endless available air time - something surprising happens.

The Islamic men feeding Sydney’s homeless (
Nov 17 - DARKNESS has descended over Sydney’s Central Station as a sound system kicks in to gear unleashing Islamic prayers all through the park.

Muslim community distances itself from Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed’s comments  (Adelaide Now)
Nov 17 - AUSTRALIAN Muslims have distanced themselves from Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed after he suggested the Paris terror attacks were caused partly by racism and Islamophobia.

Muslim Association says police aware of hate message posted on Wallsend mosque (ABC News)
Nov 18 - Newcastle's Muslim Association says Newcastle police have been informed about a message of hate posted on the Wallsend mosque in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull welcomes Grand Mufti's new statement on Paris attacks (ABC News)
Nov 19 - The Grand Mufti of Australia has defended his remarks on the Paris attacks, but warns condemning the Islamic State terrorist group is not enough to tackle the issue.

Conservatives' yearning for Islam is the love that dare not speak its name (The Guardian, Australia)
Nov 19 – (Opinion: Jeff Sparrow) This week, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph published a cover portraying the African-born Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed as a monkey: a predictable manifestation of the Islamophobia unleashed since the atrocities in Paris.

Five things Australia's grand mufti may or may not have said about the Paris attacks (The Guardian, Australia)
Nov 19 - They say 93% of communication is non-verbal.

Muslim group planning Islamic school in Darwin to support growing population (ABC News)
Nov 19 - There are plans to build an Islamic school for primary school children in the Northern Territory to support the region's growing Muslim population.

Cessnock MP calls for calm ahead of two rival rallies (ABC News)
Nov 21 - Cessnock MP Clayton Barr has called for calm in the community, with two rival rallies planned for tomorrow.

Islamophobia worriers the issue (The Australian)
Nov 21 – (Opinion: Brendan O’Neill ) It’s their obsession with ‘discrimination’ and ‘racism’ that helps to incite Muslim youth.

Army chaplains to remove ‘conquer’ from 102-year-old motto because it is offensive to Muslims (Daily Telegraph, Sydney)
Nov 21 - THE Australian Army is removing the motto “In this sign conquer” from the 102-year-old hat badges of army chaplains because it is offensive to Muslims.

Did the US and the West create Islamic State? (
Nov 21 - AS THE threat of Islamic extremism looms ever larger in the wake of Islamic State’s terrorist attacks in Paris, conversation has now turned to how exactly we got here.

Majority of Australians have commendably refused to vilify Muslims in wake of Paris horror (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 22 – (Opinion: Peter FitzSimons) In the wake of the horror in Paris, Australia could have gone two ways: turn to each other, or on each other.



Sydney man Diaa Mohamed launches new political group with sights set on Senate seats (ABC News)
Nov 17 - A political party representing Australian Muslims has been launched, with its sights set on winning a Senate seat at the next election.

Also: Australian Muslim Party aims to contest federal and state elections (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 17 - Australia's first Islamic faith political party intends to field Senate candidates in all states and territories at next year's federal election and also contest upper house seats at state level.

Philip Ruddock criticises top Islamic leader over foreign policy comments (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 17 - Veteran Liberal Philip Ruddock has hit out at the nation's top Islamic leader over suggestions Western military intervention and foreign policy partly explained the Paris terror attacks.

Government set to focus Syrian refugee program on Christians in wake of Paris attacks (ABC News)
Nov 19 - In the wake of the attacks in Paris, Federal Cabinet Minister Scott Morrison says he expects Christians will be the focus of the Australian government's Syrian refugee program.

Also: Syrian refugees to be from 'all religions' (Herald-Sun, Melbourne)
Nov 21 - Australia's intake of 12,000 Syrian refugees will include people from all affected communities, the federal government says.



Paris attacks: five things the world must do in response (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 16 - If the killers were able to murder 129 people in Paris and injure 352, and to achieve nothing beyond that, they wouldn't be shooting people and blowing themselves up.

View from the Street: God damn it, we need to be kind (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 16 – (Opinion: Andrew P Street) In 1965 the US author Kurt Vonnegut Jr published his fifth novel, God Bless You, Mr Rosewater, in which the titular character wanted to give the following advice to newborns: "Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth…There's only one rule that I know of, babies — God damn it, you've got to be kind."

After the Paris attacks: How to confront this Islamo-Fascist plague (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 16 – (Opinion: Bruce Hearn Mackinnon) Enough is enough.

Paris attacks: France's home-grown terrorists product of poverty and prejudice (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 16 – (Opinion: Herve Maurin ) France is again the target of barbaric acts of terror.

Paris attacks: war declared on Islamists by West (The Australian)
Nov 16 - Malcolm Turnbull has called for the military defeat of Islamic State, vowing the West would defend its values and never be cowed by ­terrorism after 132 people were massacred in Paris in Europe’s worst terrorist attack in a decade.

Ostracising Muslims plays into Islamic State hands: academic (ABC News)
Nov 19 - An online surveillance expert has backed up a warning by The Project's host Waleed Aly that ostracising Muslims in the wake of the Paris attacks will only play into the hands of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

Soldiers' Bibles on display in Launceston exhibition, Their Sacrifice (ABC News)
Nov 19 - The stories behind several Bibles taken into conflict zones around the world will be on display in Launceston for the next four weeks.

What do the Paris attacks mean for Australia? (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 21 - Islamic State's twelfth edition of its glossy magazine, Dabiq, this week took credit for a string of terrorist attacks.

Church fear over Syria refugees (The Australian)
Nov 21 - Christian leaders fear being blocked from recommending persecuted people to be part of the Australian intake.

Same-sex marriage: When did dissent become discrimination? (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 22 – (Opinion: Chris Berg) The politics of gay marriage have shifted radically in a very short space of time.

Knowing oneself makes religions superfluous (Sydney Morning Herald)  
Nov 22 – (Opinion: Mark Dowling) Travelling recently from Detroit to Chicago by train I spotted a freight wagon with the words painted in large letters "GOD HATES US ALL".

Scouts to ditch pledge to God, Queen and Australia to become ‘more inclusive’ (Daily Telegraph, Sydney)
Nov 22 - SCOUTS are set to dump the word “God” in its traditional promise amid claims the ­religious reference was making non-Christian members “uncomfortable” while turning others away from joining.



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