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  (14 July 08)

I can’t remember how I came upon the Institute of Noetic Sciences website. But I’m really glad I did. Noetic science refers to the science of consciousness.


For $10 I was able to download (eventually) their 80-page The 2008 Shift Report: changing the story of our future, which uses consciousness research and evolutionary biology to show how humankind’s world view needs to change for us to be capable of saving the planet. It’s not about climate change per se: the need for that is taken for granted. What it’s about is the change in mind-set (world view) before we’ll be able to take the necessary action in any significant way. And it’s a change that they see happening already, albeit slowly.


The Shift in Action element of the site offers more and ongoing (at a fee) information and exercises supporting our personal transformation.


Have a look at their website – our future could be there.


Dr Edgar Mitchell, one-time NASA astronaut and Apollo crew member apparently founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He has been in the news lately - for claiming we're being visited by UFOs. See

This doesn't, of course, invalidate everything the INS says... but it does give cause for caution.

Posted by Greg Spearritt

hey is there any sort of institution I could apply to further study Noetic Sciences in Sydney...thank you

Posted by nour

I would like to rejoin after a 2 year break. could you advise me re this issue

Posted by dawn McClure

Thanks for the article. I also would like to share an interesting research from Russia. It seem to relate to Noetic Science:

Posted by Dmytro

Well Greg, does that mean we should discredit research done in just about every university in the world because some of their founders had what others would consider irrational beliefs, like religious convictions, a literal heaven and hell, or just about anything else? IONS does amazing research with reputable, intelligent scientists like Dean Radin who are not afraid to go against the established "wisdom" and are real scientists, not narrow-minded workers afraid to lose their reputation or jobs. Take a good look before you talk about invalidating their research.

Posted by Penny

Why consider discrediting anybody or what they have done because they say we have had some extraterrestrial contact? Unless of course you have some scientific facts to disprove that claim.

Posted by sagefemme

Thank you, wise femme !

Posted by marniequin2

The Open Mind and the Closed Mind Is anything that we can imagine true? Is any concept which arises within us feasible? Perhaps it is. I’m inclined to believe it so. I recall reading a famous author of both adult and children’s stories who stated that there really is no such thing as space. Space is simply where our senses end. Radio and television and all sorts of frequencies beyond our ken did not exist for us until the concepts melded and radio was invented. So if someone says that there are “fairies at the bottom of the garden,” who are we to scoff. Some few people claim to be able to, on occasion “see them.” Most of us don’t. Does this mean they are not true? Our closed minds tell us, “Get real! Of course it is not true.” With that attitude, it will never be true – for us. But we will alienate and cause angst to those to whom it is true. So, an open mind is the answer here. Unfortunately, so few of us have an ‘open mind.’ Our truth falls into the concepts we have grasped and those we can add to those concepts logically. If we find that a piece of the jigsaw does not fit, it is not a piece of jigsaw, it is “nonsense.” Note that word “nonsense.” It could simply mean it is outside of our sensory range. The open-minded person would accept, consider, then choose to either adopt or not adopt the idea. He or she would not dismiss it out of hand. There are all types of minds, of course. There are New Agers, such as myself, there are the cultural ‘red necks’ insist on having everything stated by those scientists whose opinions to whom they adhere. “It isn’t scientifically proved,” is the catch cry of such people. Such people are also not only of the status quo, they endeavour to ensure that their opinions are not overridden or made redundant wherever they can. They worry about losing power; losing credibility. You often find such on boards of directors of some of our long-standing institutions, disparaging or suppressing any thoughts – if they can – of anything which smacks of what I call “open mindedness.” Such is the way of the world, and rightly so. For if everyone had an open mind and everyone accepted the concepts of others as true, where would our parameters of reality be? They’d shift so quickly and so often that there would be no base, no stability. However, we accept that “All is change,” and that try as the conservatives do to conserve a particular status quo, this will not happen. So we need to welcome and be appreciative of both those who endeavour to keep things as they are, and those who are bent on rendering change. And if we do this, we are, of course, of ‘an open mind.”

Posted by Tom Ware

First I heardof Noetic Science was in, The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown which I am reading. Curious, I looked it up and found this website. Lucky me.

Posted by Lynn

Hi Lynn I too am reading the Lost Symbol and am quite intrigued with it, though I know about collective consciousness and the power of the mind I never knew that it had a name as Noetic science.

Posted by yasmin

Posted by

The person who first recognised the noetic dimension as completing the human being (along with the psyche and soma) is Dr Viktor Frankl. I recommend that those interested read Man's Search for Meaning.

Posted by Arzum

There will come a time when kids will say to their grandparents, "Did you really think that we had all this space to ourselves and that we were the center of the universe and the only ones out there? Seriously?" Anyway, for all you naysayers, you may find THRIVE the movie, free on you tube interesting, also, Dr Steven Greer of SIRIUS DISCLOSURE and his 400 high level of authority and credibility SIRIUS DISCLOSURE WITNESS TESTIMONIES of use, and, the you tube video of Carol Rosin WITNESS TESTIMONY. I am not yelling in caps BTW, just making it easy to see. Is there et's out there - yes. Dr Mitchell was not silly, he knew they had ways of communicating through telepathy. He was just open to the possibility. Nothing ever changes if you are not open to exploration, and who better to lead the way that Dr Mitchell. R.I.P. Edgar, you are an amazing soul.x

Posted by Sue

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