Between the Writer & the Reader 5

Workshop with Maurice Whelan

Saturday 4th March 2017

8:30am to 4:00pm

The IndigiScapes Centre

17 Runnymede Rd, Capalaba, Brisbane


In times of uncertainty it is good to return to Shakespeare. Fear dulls the mind and anxiety dulls the imagination. Shakespeare was a great playwright and an even greater poet. We need to observe his capacity to dramatise the human condition. We need his poetic voice to articulate our fear, our anxiety and our hope.

Following a viewing of Richard II Maurice Whelan will present his paper ’Seeing Things’, which will explore some psychological aspects of globalisation post-2016: what gets in the way; how, when obstacles present themselves in the external world, our first port of call is located in the inner world; the need to think big and think small; to find our voice; to regain and enrich our imagination, and to recover our capacity to think. He will underline how, as in Richard II, wisdom and understanding can be found in the most unlikely of places.

’If we understand our own minds, and things that are striving
to utter themselves through our minds, we move others,
not because we have thought about those others,
but because all life has the same root.’

W.B. Yeats


Cost: $120 ($55 concession); a few tickets are available for a small donation.

More information: piahirsch@icloud.com / judibore@bigpond.net.au

This event is sponsored by the Australian Association of Group Psychotherapist



2017 Mini-Conference

Ecology in the City: A Case Study

Saturday 10 June

South Bank, Brisbane


Preliminary Information

Major development projects, whether City or Country, usually raise issues – political, economic, social and ethical – that can lead to major conflicts amongst stake-holders. These conflicts affect the whole nation.

The massive Queens Wharf Development Project in Brisbane\’s CBD is a case in point. The battle-lines are drawn. On the positive side, it promises jobs, profits and valuable community facilities – in this case, a huge new casino, luxury hotels and dramatic public spaces. On the negative side are fears of wasted resources, pollution, destroyed heritage, disruption of traffic and increased crime.

Mini-Conference participants will begin by observing the site, then participate in two sessions of short presentations and discussion.

The March/April SoFiA Bulletin will provide further details. In the meantime, mark the date in your diary and check out some of the hundreds of web-sites devoted to the project. You will find contributions from the three main categories of interested parties: the consortium undertaking the project; the Queensland Government; and various community organisations.




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