2017 Mini-Conference

Ecology in the City: A Case Study

Saturday 10 June

South Bank, Brisbane


Preliminary Information

Major development projects, whether City or Country, usually raise issues – political, economic, social and ethical – that can lead to major conflicts amongst stake-holders. These conflicts affect the whole nation.

The massive Queens Wharf Development Project in Brisbane\’s CBD is a case in point. The battle-lines are drawn. On the positive side, it promises jobs, profits and valuable community facilities – in this case, a huge new casino, luxury hotels and dramatic public spaces. On the negative side are fears of wasted resources, pollution, destroyed heritage, disruption of traffic and increased crime.

Mini-Conference participants will begin by observing the site, then participate in two sessions of short presentations and discussion.

The March/April SoFiA Bulletin will provide further details. In the meantime, mark the date in your diary and check out some of the hundreds of web-sites devoted to the project. You will find contributions from the three main categories of interested parties: the consortium undertaking the project; the Queensland Government; and various community organisations.



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